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ISSEM is a leading provider of scalable outbound teams for B2B companies. Building customized outbound strategies using targeted real time data.


ISSEM takes the burden of developing a predictable pipeline off your shoulders enabling your sales team to spend more time selling and less time prospecting.

Using targeted real-time data, we set up a customised outbound process using Email and LinkedIn to create a predictable flow of qualified meetings.

What We Do

Lead Research
Plan and develop an
optimised outbound
Deliver qualified
sales leads to your

Developing your playbook

Step 1  Lead Research

  • Account based profiling (Companies)
  • Contact trigger filters segmentation (Key contacts and sphere of influence)
  • Email and contact information research & verification
  • Double verification
  • Bespoke data for the client’s target market and persona

Step 2  Campaign strategy

  • Channel identification
  • Cadence Creation 

Step 3  Campaign Development

  • Copywriting and creation
  • Account set-up (Email and LinkedIn Setup)

Step 4  Campaign Management

  • Dedicated Campaign team, to manage and optimise campaign results
  • Out of office reply management – Inbox management
  • Email AB Testing

Step 5  Reporting and optimisation

  • Daily Campaign reporting assessing performance
  • Live dashboard

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