Outbound Sales Development

Growing your outbound team for more qualified meetings



Snapshot of a one month campaign report delivered.

Emails Sent
Linkedin Connections
Appointments Set

ISSEM offers specialised outbound teams that deliver qualified appointments through unique multi-channel customised campaigns.

Building a predictable path to sales appointments is not easy. At ISSEM we know what works.

Our Sales Development teams use the right tools and optimise every stage of your outbound strategy. With personalised, data-driven, multi-channel outbound campaigns, we build a predictable Outbound Sales Program that will close deals faster.

What We Do

Lead Research
Plan and develop an
optimised multi-channel
outbound strategy.
Provide a Dedicated SDR
to reply to emails and set
up appointments.

Developing your playbook

Step 1  Lead Research

  • Account based profiling (Companies)
  • Contact trigger filters segmentation (Key contacts and sphere of influence)
  • Email and contact information research & verification
  • Double verification
  • Bespoke data for the client’s target market and persona

Step 2  Campaign strategy

  • Channel identification
  • Cadence Mapping

Step 3  Campaign Development

  • Channel set-up
  • Cadence Creation
  • Copywriting and creation
  • Set up a dedicated pipeline on the CRM

Step 4  SDR Campaign Management

  • Multi- Channel Campaign Management
  • Response nurturing and meeting booking
  • Dedicated Pipeline management
  • Out of office reply handling

Step 5  Reporting and optimisation

  • Post-Meeting review
  • Ongoing strategy review
  • A/B testing
  • Daily Campaign reporting
  • Live dashboard

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