About Our Team

ISSEM is your leading sales partner. With a fully managed service,
our talented workforce is ready to scale your business.

We grow your business

At ISSEM we are a team of sales experts comprising of Customer Success Managers, Sales Development Representatives, Copywriters, Campaign Strategists, Research Analysts and Quality Assurance Analysts. We help you develop predictable sales pipeline, drive leads and grow your revenue.


Team elements

Here is a break down of our team elements


Our CSMs provide a point of communication between you and the team. They are always on hand to help with any issues, provide knowledgeable information and advice, and to answer any questions.

They are experts at drilling down into the nuances of campaign metrics. Working alongside our campaign strategists and copywriters they analyse,
modify and optimise campaigns to make sure the results exceed expectations.

SALES DEVELOPMENT Representatives (Semi-Dedicated and Fully Dedicated)

Our SDRs are experts at moving prospects swiftly through the sales cycle – from initial conversation to meetings booked.

You have access to a team of highly-trained professionals who specialise in the techniques of follow-up language and pipeline management via phone, email, LinkedIn and video.

They provide you with a steady stream of sales-ready appointments delivered straight to your calendar, as regular as clockwork.


Our copywriters are specialists in outbound content and skilled in multiple techniques for crafting content for bespoke sequence email, LinkedIn, phone and video campaigns. They have years of experience in creating focused, benefit-led copy which builds a trusted relationship with your target market.

They have amassed a vast library of persuasive content for a variety of audiences, all extensively tested and proven to deliver customer engagement.


Our campaign strategists are experts in the process and techniques of outbound cadence. They design and execute custom campaigns via email, phone, video or social media which exceed expectations and consistently deliver the right results.

They have years of experience in A/B testing outbound cadence, drawing on old and existing data while proactively analysing and modifying strategies for creating campaigns which convert.


All sales researchers are university educated and receive months of training.
They’re equipped with the right tools to deliver a steady stream of meticulously accurate, targeted data.

No matter how niche your ideal customer profile, our process allows us to target them with precision.


All our Quality Assurance Analysts are university educated and receive months of training. They are equipped with the right tools to ensure and implement standardization and quality across all processes.

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