Lead Generation for Commercial Real Estate

While traditional methods such as networking and direct mail can work, these strategies are very time consuming and increasingly competitive. Many professionals don’t realize that you can create and tailor posts to hyper-targeted lists on LinkedIn in any niche, from residential to business.

  • References / Word of mouth
  • Website (SEO, paid search ads, organic)
  • LinkedIn
  • Online Reviews (Yelp, Google)
  • Events
  • Outdoor advertising (signs, billboards)

As the legal services industry relies heavily on referrals, our clients have had great success reaching out to potential clients and partners on LinkedIn. Business owners and employees are increasingly active on LinkedIn, with Microsoft recording record engagement levels, up 22% from previous years.

That’s why lawyers and notaries are turning to LinkedIn, the premier social media platform for business-to-business commerce and social selling. Here’s how lawyers, mediators and firms find clients on LinkedIn, and expand their network to legal practitioners, and summarize their strengths and specialization.

The most common strategies for these professions on LinkedIn are aimed at either partnerships or acquiring new clients.

Acquisition of new customers

You can speak directly to business owners, regardless of industry and size. For example, you can make a list of all the CEOs in the oil and gas industry in Paris, then contact them to start conversations.


For referrals, you can turn to other lawyers, who take on cases other than your own. For a win-win situation, you can consider a partnership in which you pass deals to each other that do not meet your respective criteria.

Our lead generation solutions for legal professions


We create specific lists of ideal prospects in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


We send connection requests and follow-up leads at scale


Respond to qualified leads, set up phone calls and appointments

We have experience in the following niches:

  • Legal techniques and software
  • Company law, B2B
  • Civil liability law
  • Mediation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Immovable
  • Class-Action

Extensive industry experience allows us to write messages that are proven to work, especially in a hyper-competitive space with in-house lawyers and other local businesses. Most of our clients have barely used LinkedIn before working with us and have found our “made for you” service to be ideal in saving them time and therefore money.

Whether or not you already have a list of specific prospects, we will create both personal prospecting (your 1st degree network) or outbound (2nd and 3rd level) prospecting campaigns for these potential clients. We know that lead generation is made difficult by the endless number of people looking for legal / legal services and that there is no easy way to find out if these people are a real match for you. With our targeted boarding questionnaire, we will take the stress out of finding clients. Now you’ll just have to worry about who you’re looking for (who you know how to handle), and we’ll use that data to do the heavy lifting for you.

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