Who we are

We are salespeople at heart and have worked in all aspects of sales over the years, so we know the pains and challenges anybody working in sales goes through daily. Every year new tools are being pushed to sales organisations to help make their teams more efficient, however, often keeping up with the different applications and getting them to work well side-by-side saps up valuable time and leaves sales teams prone to picking the wrong tools that might cost months of momentum.
We started ISSEM Agency to take care of all that for you by helping take care of the entire inside sales function. Instead of you having to subscribe to the right databases for leads, pick the right tool for finding email addresses, purchase the right email automation application, hire someone to manage weekly campaigns, and keep reviewing each piece of the puzzle, we said to ourselves “wouldn’t it be great if we could just pay for a service that delivered us high quality data or booked meetings.”
We have built a team of experts that deal with every piece of the inside sales value chain whether its testing copy for email campaigns or selecting the right databases from which to pull data on your target profiles. We are constantly reviewing the best tech hitting the market so you don’t have to, and ensuring that your sales team can stick to high value-adding activities, namely engaging with prospects.
We provide an agency approach and feel when working with our clients, however we very much take a SaaS based approach to our internal operations. We embrace technology, but we believe people have a vital role to play in giving clients the flexibility to customise their process, targeting and messaging to fit their individual needs and goals. We are laser focused on improving our service offering, however love taking the time to educate and share our knowledge with our partners.
Our goal is that ISSEM Agency will be the go-to-service for managing inside sales for anyone running a B2B sales team.

We do the work for you.

Get reliable flow of leads and qualified meetings