Engage your ideal prospects on LinkedIn


ISSEM uses data from thousands of social sales prospecting campaigns to send personalized, proven messages to your dream customers on LinkedIn, getting positive responses straight to your inbox.

On average, our clients generate 10 to 30 high-potential sales meetings and interviews per month

What does the ISSEM service do for you?

We have taken our ISSEM® technology twice as far by taking care with and / or for our clients of the setup, implementation and analysis of the entire campaign.

We engage, track and relaunch your ideal prospects, right up to engaging high-potential sales conversations and generating appointments in your agenda.

Why call on ISSEM for your prospecting?

Selling is an evolving field and traditional sales techniques are less and less effective; the cold call positive response rate is less than 2.5%, and on average only 20% of sales emails are opened.

This is why social selling is increasingly used by businesses of all sizes to drive sales and create business opportunities. At ISSEM, we empower our clients with the power of social selling, using LinkedIn as a priority market stimulation platform.

LinkedIn targeting, writing and execution data-driven

Take advantage of our best multi-channel lead generation strategies and engage your most qualified targets and decision-makers by leading them directly into your sales funnel for your offers. 100% done-for-you.

How we help you increase your revenue and fill your pipeline with LinkedIn

Our multi-channel lead generation strategy targets and engages your most qualified targets and decision-makers, leading them directly into your sales funnel for your offers. It is guaranteed!

Transformation of your Profile

We write you an engaging profile that attracts and informs your target market about what you do and why they need you. We make sure it is valuable because it will receive more visits than your company’s website!

Precise Research and Targeting

We build lists of ideal prospects for your offers to find you the exact audience you want to reach. We will engage thousands of your ideal target decision makers in a 100% personalized and efficient manner.

Preparation and Validation

Writing custom message sequences that actually get answers

Connection and Engagement

Connect and send thousands of personalized messages to your prospects every month

Tracking and Ranking of Opportunities

We follow up and follow up with your prospects until they make an appointment with you! All your prospects with the highest potential are tagged in the ISSEM area, ranked in order of priority. Never miss a prospect again and fill your calendar with appointments!

Multiply your prospecting reach, your productivity and your results by 10X

The power of a dedicated linkedin salesperson at a significantly lower cost. Our experts boost your productivity and return on investment while generating qualified leads.

Leverage the most secure and advanced LinkedIn automation platform

Your linkedin reach needs to be scaled efficiently, securely, and affordably. Instantly access hidden sales opportunities on linkedin.

Use our exclusive customer dashboard to track and respond to your leads so you never miss a chance again.

Instantly see performance statistics for all your campaigns and compare which strategies are driving the most results.

Stop wasting hours of your day manually sending follow-ups and reminders and let our proven system do it for you.Use our exclusive customer dashboard to track and respond to your leads so you never miss a chance again.



We define a lead in our company as a prospect who meets your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) criteria with an active interest in your product/service and/ or with the intent for a call/further discussion.

There is no minimum term. We offer our services on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Quarterly and Annual payments are required upfront, message our support to set this up.

ISSEM offers a dynamic multi-channel strategy for all size companies to generate leads, appointments and convert sales. ISSEM offers a complete all-in- one sales acceleration service for businesses with a unique automated and manual prospecting strategy.

Yes – ISSEM requires an active premium or sales navigator subscription connected to your account. This is so we our cloud-based solution and our expert sales team can find key decision-makers and engage in 1:1 conversations through Inmail.

GDPR doesn’t affect LinkedIn outreach campaigns. We also ensure our email campaigns are fully GDPR compliant by specific protocols led by our outreach team.

With our service we find your ideal customers and provide our tried and tested high response rate templates for the lead generation campaigns so you can be in the best position to generate leads and new opportunities for your business.

With ISSEM you can integrate it with your team on slack and email so you get automated notifications every time a lead, booked call, deal won is generated. You can even export Google Sheets with all campaign data. Get all the important data automatically in real-time with these powerful integrations. Our live lead sheets can be accessed on your pc or mobile via our app.

ISSEM offers 1-2 minimum sales experts working on your campaigns and 1 Dedicated Campaign Manager.

Let's make your LinkedIn a machine serving your growth objectives.

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We help Startups, Mid-sized and Large corporations to generate leads, booked appointments and close sales in local and global markets. Find out why everyone is moving to ISSEM.